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Saubhya is a dear initiation of Artificial Jewellery Making by My Mother and Myself. So, In this space I'm pinning up our creations including the learning curve

Just when neck felt being left out, We tried hands on neckwear. Started it simple and was worth an attempt.

Another order for Saubhya and this time it was earings. Red, Black and Gold.

First official introductory gift to a friend. The making, card printing, gift packaging. All this was moulding the learning experience and the feeling was heartfelt happiness.

Learning, Beading, Braiding, Bracelets, Earings, Nekclace and Wearing your art. All this lead to giving a name and commercializing this newly found passion. And My Mother and Myself named it Saubhya. Presenting, Our Jewel Den!

The Golden Brown linked chain is my personal favourite. The selfie is a proof! The first person appearance too.

Maintaining the learning curve, I had to take a step further. And hence made this necklace with fine individual links. Though this took a lot of of time, the output was amazement to my own self.

On making a second neckwear, randomly tried making matched earings. The output doesnt matter but the attempt of giving form to a thought was worth an experience. And I gradually progressed upto making a neckwear and earing set.

A first complete bracelet (hooks). On the completion of this, I realised I could wear it myself. The feeling of wearing your own handmade accesorry is bliss. Black and Gold definitely added more drama to the whole feel.

First official order for Saubhya. A bracelet with charms brought about a lot of charm in dealing with this first order.

We attempt in getting a little louder with color combinations and combining beads to go with.