I love having soft serve ice cream anytime. If I could get anything, it would be a soft serve ice cream machine.

Indian flat breads - my fav. breakfast recipe - Methi Thepla!

Gujarati methi na thepla

methi thepla recipe with step by step photos. methi thepla are light as well as healthy snack. methi thepla are flatbreads made from fresh methi leaves.

kaju katli or kaju barfi - one of the most popular indian sweet made with cashews and sugar.

Kaju katli recipe | makes 14 barfi slices

kaju katli recipe with step by step pics. fool proof recipe to make perfect kaju katli. thin, smooth, melt in the mouth kaju katli slices.

Bite sized lentil fritters a.k.a uzhunnu vada...a popular South Indian deep fried snack.

Cooking Is Easy: Uzhunnu Vada/Deep Fried Lentil Fritters.step by step

The Grills...

The Grills...

Yummy Custard!!!

Yummy Custard!!!