Compartment C, Car 293, by Edward Hopper (1938)

Edward Hopper Compartment C, Car 193 painting is shipped worldwide,including stretched canvas and framed art.This Edward Hopper Compartment C, Car 193 painting is available at custom size.

Richard Estes.

The Candy Store, New York City; Oil on canvas; Richard Estes 1969 Richard Estes’ photorealistic painting style is all about overcoming inertia. For years, Estes has patrolled the streets of New York with a camera, shootin.

Jeanette Barnes, Canary Wharf station. Compressed charcoal drawing.

compressed charcoal, smudging technique is used to show heaviness and darkness at the bottom, gradually becomes lighter switching to basic hatching

Charles Sheeler - "Rolling Power"

Charles Sheeler, Rolling-Power, 1939 Jack Delano, December "Worker inspecting a locomotive on a pit in the roundhouse at the Chic.