collage and mono print the different texture and colour background

collage and mono print the different texture and colour background Picking key colours from landscape for collage background

dry point and mono print

'Drypoint and Mono Print' is a course by Devon Guild member Lynn Bailey from Double Elephant Print Workshop www.

The second print (the ghost print) captured the delicate structure of the flower head.  As the plant was so fresh, it fell apart as I removed it from the plate.  I had to use the tweezers to methodically pick off the individual soft seeds that stuck to the plate....a zen moment requiring much care and patience!

Sandra Pearce: Playing with monoprints - interesting technique, she uses real plants to get the initial image

gorgeous muted colors Print 4 - Amanda Hayler

Stage layers of paint marked with stencils and stamps; Stage layers of paint as a glaze, after modifications with additional stencilling/stamping and washing in the sink.

The Old Cells Studio - Michèle Brown Art

The Old Cells Studio - Michèle Brown Art: gelli plate. Love her collages that she makes from Gelli prints

Gelatin Printing with Old Gelatin - Linda Germain

printmaking without a press with Linda Germain: gelatin plate monotype print

Alisa Burke plastic bag printmaking

Printmaking With Plastic Bags

plastic bag printmaking---looks wonderful! paint the plastic bag, place on top of item to be printed, roll to transfer!

Made by Nicole: Gelli Plate Monoprints

Since I bought my Gelli Plate I don't think I've used any designer paper. Which is crazy but I REALLY love making my own paper and the fac.

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