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inte33: cuckoldhusbandobediencetraining: flrcoach: Although I don’t often administer corporal punishment I certainly feel it has a place in the Female Led Lifestyle that so many women are adopting. While I’ve only delivered two spankings to him in 2014 (so far), I found them to be very satisfying, and more importantly, effective. Behaviors that have might result in corporal punishment can run the gamut. There are several reasons that I may deem a spanking necessary. The male…

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NSFW! Over only! In praise of all the mature dominant women in the world with that natural air of authority that comes with age. If you own the copyright to any of these pictures and want them removed just let me know.

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badboytospank: redbottomedboy: You can cry all you like - I’ve not finished with you yet young man - up to your room and strip while I fetch the strap! Heaven

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Which one of you boys wants to get spanked by your goddess #mistress lia?

caningbelting-fm-mf-ff-mm: sandalsandspankings: Lessons are learned at a much faster pace in her class due to the consequences. then who is?

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