This fish bake is a flavoursome warmer and uses dense Jerusalem artichokes in place of potatoes - perfect for an easy supper

One-Pot Creamy Spinach Lentils - these are THE MOST INCREDIBLE lentils with lots of warming flavors. Comforting, simple, and healthy! *Substitutions: yogurt instead of half and half, butter instead of bacon grease, vegetable broth instead of chicken

This is THE BEST fruit mince pie recipe I have ever tasted. I don't have a muffin dish, so I made ravioli style mince pies. They get baked for 15 - 17 minutes as opposed to 18 - 20 minutes. 18 minutes makes the edges too dark.

So glad to see that chocolate coated cornflakes are still popular with kids. Easiest treat ever. White or dark choc would work just as well as would adding dried fruit/smarties/marshmallows/toffee. Ohh the possibilities are endless.

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