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‪Latest animation I made 🦋 🌍 💚💙‬ - Krishna Beautiful Love Pictures, Beautiful Gif, Animated Love Images, Avatar Picture, Eyes Artwork, Beautiful Fantasy Art, Sad Art, Illusion Art, Eye Photography

‪Latest animation I made 🦋 🌍 💚💙‬

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Radha : Symbol of complete surrender, that she is totally depended on Krishna….that is the reason Krishna takes charge of her on himself…. Krishna Radha, Hare Krishna, Krishna Leela, Jai Shree Krishna, Radha Krishna Wallpaper, Radha Krishna Pictures, Krishna Photos, Hanuman, Iskcon Krishna

10 truths of having a strong sense of self.

Radha Krisna ...Their love story is eternal. And my love for you in just as strong. Unbreakable.

Krishna’s Ten Definitions of Yoga in the Bhagavad Gita Krishna Radha, Hare Krishna, Radha Krishna Wallpaper, Krishna Leela, Radha Rani, Hanuman, Lord Krishna Images, Radha Krishna Pictures, Krishna Photos

Krishna’s 10 Definitions of Yoga in the Bhagavad Gita.

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Radha & Krishna in the forest Vrindavan Hare Krishna, Krishna Lila, Jai Shree Krishna, Lord Krishna Images, Radha Krishna Pictures, Radha Krishna Photo, Krishna Art, Yoga Lyon, Radha Krishna Wallpaper

(Lord Krsna says:) How many girls of Vraja have I seen? 2) O friend Subala, I tell you: from that moment I no longer know whether it is day or night. 3) In that place were two or four beautiful girls splendid like glistening jewels. But only one of those girls cast a spell on My heart.

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Friend moon, show me my Krishna. Where is he hiding? In the dark grove? By the still brook? Doesn’t he hear my echoing heart? The pregnant clouds are gathering And I can labour no more. My lips bleed and my breath aches As agony draws my living seed. Cruel Krishna, if you should come And coax me with your eyes Or with your touch or your flute I shall not be snared, O dark lover!