Bay City Rollers

The Bay City Rollers- Loved them. SATURDAY Night for all you who don't know them.

Lord this stuff was nasty!

S ignet Ink was a product of the Russia Cement Company of Gloucester, Massachusetts, makers of their most famous product, LePage Glue.

8 Track Tape Players.

8 Track Tape Player in the car, I remember all of us pilling into the old chevy and listening to the Eagles on 8 track. No seatbelts, and no car seats. It's amazing we survived.


Typewriter Eraser---still have one of these in my desk drawer---my kids thought the brush was for cleaning out the computer keyboard(well,it does work pretty well for that, too).

I had one of these back in the 70' of my favorites purses.  l

i had to buy one but these are retro and when we dropped them all your stuff spilled out and the damn thing cracked. it's just so freekin classy tho

.Baretta...they need to add this to Netflix!

Detective Tony Baretta (Robert Blake) Baretta was a 60 minute drama series on ABC

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These are so fabulous...the cut out leather reminds us of lace. It would be fabulous to see these peeking out from beneath a wedding dress!  Charlotte Olympia | Belinda cutout suede sandals | NET-A-PORTER.COM

Just so pretty. yes please. Super heart these Charlotte Olympia cutout sandals. They look like white lace!

Celine Mini Two Tone Tote Leather Bag Green Black

Celine boston smile tote handbag 88032 Emerald green with black - CELINE handbags - Replica Handbags


I've been pining for a Charlotte Olympia Pandora clutch but I haven't found the perfect one yet. Maybe the new "Love Shoes" version is t.

We heart this nifty neon bag from The Cambridge Satchel Company! It's all about the colour pop!

London Street Style March 2013

I love this nifty neon bag from The Cambridge Satchel Company! It's all about the colour pop!

Transparente con plumas de Charlotte Olympia

Charlotte Olympia Pandora Feather Clutch - loving the illusion of floating feathers.