Best Biryani Restaurants in Chennai  Each restaurant has its own flavor of biryani, depending upon the customer needs some likes oily, spicy, heat heavy, heat light etc.

Hyderabadi Chicken Biryani is a very delicious Indian rice dish .Hyderabadi Chicken Biryani recipe is lengthy but the work is definitely worth it.

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Chettinad is the southern part of Tamil Nadu, where Chettiar community people stayed. This region is a dry area and these Chettiar community people.

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Chettinad Restaurants in Chennai is Parambriym South Indian Restaurants Chennai Best Tamilnadu Chettinad Restaurants in Chennai All-Day Chettinad Combo's

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12 Restaurants in Chennai that scream “Kerala”

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A+Taste+of+Chettinad+Food:+5+Restaurants+to+Try+in+Chennai - NDTV

A Taste of Chettinad Food: 5 Restaurants to Try in Chennai

A+Taste+of+Chettinad+Food:+5+Restaurants+to+Try+in+Chennai - NDTV