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a wood carving of a man with a beard and mustache wearing a cowboy hat on top of a wooden board
Crafts, Ideas, Bunny, Houten, Basteln, Shapes, Completed, Piecings
a wooden model of a clydesdale and colt standing on top of a piece of wood
She began making intarsia patterns about 15 years ago, after her father-in-law received requests from his customers at craft fairs for intarsia of specific dog breeds. Description from I searched for this on
a wooden turtle is sitting on a white sheet
a wooden deer ornament sitting on top of a bed
a wooden sculpture of a bird on a workbench
Intarsia mallard
a bird sitting on top of a wooden plaque
Hand made woode wall decor.use mahogani wood.Ideal for as living room wall decor
an animal made out of wood sitting on top of a white sheet
a wooden horse head on display in a shop