Off-road wrecker

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a large blue truck on top of a pile of rocks in the dirt with a crane attached to it
Trail’s End: August 1998, A Work ’n’ Play K30 Wrecker
1985 Chevrolet K30 Wrecker 4x4, 454 4bbl BBC/HD 5speed stick/5.87 Dana Axles
a blue truck driving on top of a rocky hill next to trees and bushes in the desert
an old yellow truck parked on the side of a lake with big wheels and tires
Old off road tow truck
a large truck parked on top of an airport tarmac with american flags flying in the background
two trucks are parked on the side of the road in front of trees and bushes
a man sitting in the cab of a white truck
a green tow truck parked next to the water
F-600 4x4 wrecker