Pink Panther chocolate bar Strawberry chocolate...i used to walk down the shops with my grandma and she Would always buy me a pink panther...she was lovely!

Pink Panther chocolate bar Strawberry chocolate - ate 8 at my birthday and still feel sick thinking about them!

Cadbury's Wombles Bar.

Cadbury's Wombles Bar, l think they had one of the Wombles inprinted onto the choc bar.

Golden Wonder Crisps. Did the best Cheese & Onion I've ever tasted. Loved them when they had been overcooked.

Golden Wonder Crisps For All you peeps who doubted me that they had a little Andy Capp man on them.

Tubble Gum

Est-ce que vous avez connu cette espèce de chewing gum en tube?

The Trio biscuit. A very special biscuit and a very special ad - ttttrrrrriiiiiiiiiooooo, tttrrriiiioooooo.

"Trio, triiio, I want a trio and I want one now". Trio Biscuits with the Ledge Roland Rat on the pack

Hello Kitty Peach Drink

Mix the included strawberry flavored powder packet with water and step back as your drink bubbles and fizzes to create a refreshing strawberry flavored drink. Chill your creation by adding a few ice c

Kellogg's Frosted Flakes Cereal

Kellogg's Frosted Flakes Cereal, 27.5 oz

Don't like the cereal but I love making rice krispy treats. Made them every weekend with my gram.

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