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I'm Empty Inside Avocado - Show off your utter emptiness disdain for the human experience with this self deprecating, avocado lover's, guac inspired shirt! Let the world know how much you love avocados AND that your soul just an empty void of nothingness.

Avocad-Bros - Show off your love of that delicious nature's butter with this avocado lover's, vegetarian/vegan, cute vegetable drawing, best friends shirt! Now go ahead and eat some deliciously ripe avocados with your best buds!

The evolution  #beermeme #beerhumor

The evolution #beermeme #beerhumor

i'll stop the world and melt with you

Ahh looks like I have a song stuck in my head now! "I Melt With You" by Modern English ! But Oooh Ice Cream . hehe same idea as the maple syrup except it'll be a bit melted ;

Dark and Surreal Art by Miles Johnston - joyenergizer

Surreal drawings by Miles Johnston aka Miles_Art. Miles Johnston aka Miles_Art is an artist and illustrator who mainly specializes in surreal drawings and