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some kind of cake in a plastic container on a counter with a sign that says, thanks a bunch for all you do
Thanks a "Bundt"ch - Eighteen25
End-of-Year Teacher Thank-you Gifts 2015. With a gift card to the local teacher store attached under the tag.
there are many buckets with candy in them on the ground next to each other
teacher gifts pinterest | End of year teacher gifts - You Fill My Bucket
a small garden with rocks and plants in the center, on a wooden table next to a potted plant
Meditation Zen Garden Blue Sand Desk Zen Garden White Kit With - Etsy
Meditation zen garden sand Large set Desk zen garden kit with | Etsy
a bonsai tree in a tray with rocks and sand
Meditation Zen Garden Kit Middle Desk Zen Garden Tray With Sand - Etsy
the cover of 13 diy mini - zen garden ideas for desks is shown
13 DIY Mini Zen Garden Ideas For Desk
Try one of these 13 DIY Mini Zen Garden Ideas for Desk to maintain serenity in your room or workplace, they can also become a nice gift!
an air plant and some rocks on a tray
How to Make a Mini Tabletop Zen Garden | ehow.com
someone is holding their lunch bag full of school supplies
Teacher appreciation pen gift … curated on LTK
a vase filled with lots of different colored paper flowers on top of a granite counter
Lucky #17
Gift Card & Goodie Bouquet
three red and white striped bags filled with popcorn
Controlling My Chaos
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