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North India - Lucknow | Mughal bangle; enamelled gold, inset in the Kundan technique with flat-cut diamonds and mounted with Basra pearls. | ca. 18th century

New Saradamoni Bala : The Saradamoni Bala needs no introductionand all we've done is take that simple ruli and plonk a cupola on it. It is, of course, in context, considering the form - symbolically alluding to any place of worship --- keeps intact the bala's virtue of being the only ornament Sarada Ma ever wore. Handcrafted in bright yellow 22K gold, the New Saradamoni Bala upholds a selective tradition of ascetism and is invested with the deep spirituality of of its original wearer.

Beige with blue heavy machine & hand embroidery wedding saree

Gold Infinity Bracelet

A 24k gold plated infinity symbol is the center of this bracelet. The band and charms are 14k gold filled. Each bangle is hand formed and then hammered and tumbled for shine and strength. Bangles to n