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Poke Bonnet 1815-1820 #vintage

Quarter view, poke bonnet, 1815 - Charles Paget Wade Hats & Bonnets Exhibition at Berrington Hall 2014

Prosthetics exhibition at SHOWcabinet

SHOWcabinet: Prosthetics exhibition

ANIMAL: The Other Side of Evolution (fiberglass, polyester resin) by Ana Rajcevic


Maiko Takeda atmospheric reentry - 2013 millinery, jewellery, projects and exhibitions

MAIKO TAKEDA - futuristic

London-based fashion designer’s Maiko Takeda’s latest collection, “Atmospheric Reentry” is more like a series of wearable sculptures.

google glass - zen futuristic eyewear #future

Google Glass: An Etiquette Guide

These high-tech specs with a built-in computer have the geek world abuzz, but wearing them in polite society requires decorum. Here, an open letter to very early adopters.

stella - world's first solar powered family car #futuristic

nl What's being hailed as the first "energy-positive car", and the first solar-powered family car, has been designed by a team of students

KATSU unveils his latest: a remote-controlling a FLYING ROBOT that sprays paint. #katsu #art #drone

Painting with Drones: The Art of KATSU


The artist Maiko Takeda did the series “Atmospheric Reentry” in which he made very conceptual kind of bags and hats which have a bristled shape.


Wearable Art, Jesse Mathes, Artist, Elizabethan Collar Three Brass Territorial Defense, x x

Tech Wearables

5 Cool Ways to Wear Your Tech to Fashion Week

The Terrier and Lobster: "Metallic Moment": Magdalena Frackowiak and Robots by Peter Lindbergh for US Harper's Bazaar

Dior Eyes - Virtual Reality #DIOR

Printed Dior Eyes: French Fashion House allows fans behind the Scenes with this Device