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There are so many things you can do to decorate your home. You can install wall paper, paint, or even install flooring. Before you start your next interior…
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the right ladder for painting is an easy way to help kids learn how to paint
The Right Ladder for Painting
When it comes to choosing the best ladder for painting, how do you choose? We look at 10 great examples to whet your appetite.
ladders for painting with the words ladders for painting on it and an arrow pointing up
Ladders for Painting
Extension, A-frame, multi-position: Which is the best ladder for painting and why. We look at 10 of the best.
a man is painting the deck with a paintbrush and a red brush that says, outdoor polyuretheane which is the best?
Outdoor Polyurethane: Which Is the Best?
Polyurethane works wonders at keeping your outdoor wood in the best possible condition. It seals and protects against the sun’s rays.
a can of paint with the words painting your basement floor
Painting Your Basement Floor
Waterproof your basement floor and keep moisture at bay with these 5 basement floor paints.
the best basement floor paint for your home or business - click here to see what you can do
The Best Basement Floor Paints
Keep your basement floor in top condition by using a preserving and sealing basement floor paint to lock out moisture.
two buckets of paint with the words basement floor paints on top and below them
Basement Floor Paints
Preserve the integrity of your concrete basement floor and use one of these 5 basement floor paints to keep it looking good.
the 7 great countertop paint kits
7 Great Countertop Paint Kits
Save cash and time and spend the weekend revamping your kitchen countertops with these 7 amazing paint kits.
the best countertop paint kits for all types of kitchen and bathroom surfaces in one place
Best Countertop Paint Kits
Why go to the expense of ripping out your countertops when you can transform them with these countertop paint kits.
the paint kit is shown with instructions for how to transform your countertops and what to use
Transform Your Countertops With These Paint Kits
Why go to the expense of ripping out your countertops when you can transform them with these countertop paint kits.
paint primer why should i use it?
Paint Primer: Why Should I Use It?
Are paint primers worth the money and effort? We look at 5 great paint primers to help you decide which is best for you.
three paint cans with the words, are paint primers any good? and an image of
Are Paint Primers Any Good?
If you want to get your paint to stick, use a paint primer. We show you the best paint primers to make your paint surface hard-wearing and smooth.
the best paint primers for painting furniture
The Best Paint Primers
Paint primer bonds to the surface of your material, sealing and protecting while making your topcoat of paint adhere better.
a sign that says getting spray paint off various surfaces
Getting Spray Paint Off Various Surfaces
Spray paint goes everywhere, so when you spot paint stains on the surface of your driveway or floor follow our easy guide to paint removal.
a child's hand with paint on it and the words banish spray paint splatters with our easy - to - follow guide
Banish Spray Paint Splatters With Our Easy-To-Follow Guide
Don’t panic if you spot spray paint on your favorite shirt. We show you how to remove paint from a variety of materials including your clothes.
a person spray painting the side of a car with blue and white text that says easy ways to remove spray paint
Easy Ways To Remove Spray Paint
Work smarter not harder with our easy-to-follow spray paint removal guide. From natural remedies to chemical solutions, we have you covered.