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Up Close With Facebook Graph Search

We’ve covered the launch of Facebook Graph Search, explored how it differs from Google search but now it’s time for the hands-on. Come along for a tour of how it works. Sign-Up & Wait To get started, you have to sign-up, where you’ll be added to a waiting list.

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Reporting Multinational SEO Performance: Difficulties & Insights

Whether you report on just two or twenty different regions, getting a centralised report on search engine result page performance by region can be a headache if you don’t have an easy .

SEO For Facebook Graph Search? Facebook Has Some Tips

With today’s announcement of the new Facebook Graph Search, many business owners will eventually be wondering, “How do I make sure my business gets found in Facebook search?” Never fear: Facebook itself has already shared a few tips to help make that happen. We’ll get to that below,

77 Percent Of Online Health Seekers Start At Search Engines [Pew Study]

Although there’s long been a debate over the accuracy of health information online, many U.S. internet users aren’t hesitant to use the web when they want answers to health-related questions. And rather than dedicated health sites, the vast majority of them begin their research at a search engine.

10 Simple Things SMB Websites Need To Fix Before SEO

When speaking with SMBs and companies that sell marketing services to SMBs, I hear over and over again how a business wants to rank #1 for important local keywords. Then, I look at their website and have visions of money being poured down the drain, horses being led to water sans drinking, Sisyphus rolling a boulder up that damn hill, and a variety of other cliches

Analytics Matched Search Queries Vs. AdWords Keyword Details Report

A question recently came across my desk regarding the use of the Matched Search Queries Report in Analytics when compared to the Keyword Details Report in AdWords. The inquirer was interested in the benefits or drawbacks to both reports, also asking if they were interchangeable. I figured this was a great question to answer in the Search & Analytics field, so I’ll do my best to define and give my opinion regarding the pros, cons and interchangeability of these two complex reports.

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People have different reasons for wanting to achieve high rankings, but probably the strongest motivation for the majority of sites employing search engine optimization is money.

Analyst: Mobile Continues To Take Share From Desktop Search

Later today comScore will release its US search market share numbers for December 2012. Based on early release information from Wall Street analysts this is what the numbers will be: Google: 66.7 percent (vs. 67 percent in November) Bing: 16.3 percent (vs. 16.2 percent in November) Yahoo: 12.2 percent .

Analytics Matched Search Queries Vs. AdWords Keyword Details Report