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Allah has given the commandment of Salat Prayer more than 700 times in the Glorious Quran. One who denies the obligation of Namaz is unbeliever.

Prayer Health Benefits. Qur'an ar-Rahman (The Beneficent) Surah/Chapter 55. This ayat/verse is repeated 31 times: Which of the favours of your Lord will you deny?

Henna has been known since ancient times. The Pharaohs used it for various… Islam And Science, Health And Wellness, Health Tips, Eastern Medicine, Islam Quran, Islam Muslim, Islam Facts, Islam Religion, Coran

Islamic Medicine

Traditional ways used for hair dying, but today people consider traditional method's as history and follow present

Islamic Medicine - The Key to a Better Life Holistic Remedies, Health Remedies, Natural Remedies, Islam And Science, Islamic Teachings, Islamic Quotes, Eastern Medicine, Islamic Studies, Islamic World

تَعْرِفُ فِي وُجُوهِهِمْ نَضْرَةَ النَّعِيمِ يُسْقَوْنَ مِن رَّحِيقٍ مَّخْتُومٍ خِتَامُهُ مِسْكٌ ۚ وَفِي ذَٰلِكَ فَلْيَتَنَافَسِ الْمُتَنَافِسُونَ

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Quran Guide on Instagram: “Cure for every disease except death #islam #muslim #Allah #Quran #ProphetMuhammadpbuh #instagram #photo #photooftheday #beautiful…”

Black cumin/Kalonji

Ibn Al-Qayyim, may Allah have mercy upon him, said, “In the citron there are… Healthy Tips, How To Stay Healthy, Islam And Science, Islam Religion, Islam Beliefs, Islam Quran, Green Drink Recipes, Halal Recipes, Islam Facts

Ibn Al-Qayyim, may Allah have mercy upon him, said, “In the citron there are many benefits, in its skin, flesh, juice and seeds. Among the benefits of its skin: it brings a pleasant smell to the air, and perfumes the breath, if it is held in the mouth. If it is put in food, it helps with digestion. As for its flesh, it eases the stomach.”

Talbinah (Whole Grain Barley) Remedies from the Sunnah for a grieving or weak heart. Natural Remedies, Islamic, Grains, Healing, Sun, Heart, Food, Essen, Natural Treatments

Remedies from the Sunnah

Islamic Remedies, Prophetic Medicine and Healing Remedies from the Sunnah like Cupping (Hijama), Ajwa and Berni Dates, Honey, Kohl Ithmid, Talbina.