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Thermochromic colour to colour changing Acrylic Paint - Blue to Neon Green from £7.50 at


Color Changing Inks and Paints

Thermochromic colour changing Screen Printing Ink Black 27°C for paper/board/textiles from £8.50 at lots of colours available


Incredible Thermochromic Colour Changing Coatings

Colour changing screen printing inks in this handy trial pack, thermochromic, hydrochromic, photochromic and glow-in the dark! get yours while stocks last! Student Smart Ink Trial Pack


Student Smart Ink Trial Pack - Colour Changing Inks UK.

Magic, colour changing screen ink vanishes when wet! Hydrochromic Reversible Wet and Reveal Screen Printing Ink for Fabric


Hydrochromic Ink - Wet and Reveal Screen Printing Ink

Buy Thermochromic Colour Changing Screen Printing Ink

SFXC Self Crackle 2 Part Screen printing ink

Colour Changing Paint & Coatings in the UK