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Cooling Equipments

We are manufacturers of cooling equipments laboratory since more than two decades now, serving the industry with sincerity and integrity, thereby evolving with the changing needs and requirements of the industry, with the passage of time, embracing new challenges to produce quality cooling equipments and match up with the high degree of service back up and personalized touch, required and expected from us from our patrons across India and abroad.
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A monocular microscope is a modified refracting telescope used to magnify the images of distant objects. Volume and weight are less than half of binoculars making it easy to carry.

Freeze drying is the process of removing the moisture from a biological product while maintaining the Integrity of the products biological & chemical structure and activities.

SGM Deep Freezers are designed for storage of biological samples in biotech, life science, clinical research as well as medical & pharmaceutical specimens, serums, vaccines, blood components. These freezers are available with temperatures up to -20°C and – 40°C. and -80°C .

SGM LAB SOLUTIONS are manufacturers of cooling equipments laboratory.