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For Mother’s of bride/groom

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It is necessary for mother also to look stunning on his/her son/daughter wedding. We shaadi magic gives you steps and tips how to look good, stunning for all beautiful bride/groom mothers.

When she is the life of party – She dances on practically anything at your wedding. From – Cliche ‘ Ae meri zohrazabben’ to ‘Chittiyan Kalaiyan’ she knows it all.


5 Reasons Why Mothers Rock At Weddings mother is someone who can never get enough of you.


Be the support of the bride As said, you will be the best person to be next to the bride in all circumstances on the wedding day.


When she is always there for you – Everyone of us have heard “I will be there for you ” at least a thousand times from different people but one person who really mean it is always your Mom.

No matter whether you stay with your in-laws or you don’t, stay connected! Have talks over the phone, invite the family for gettogethers, and arrange for some family picnics.

No matter how angry you are, no matter how much you wish to scream, don’t ever fight with your man in front of his mother.

Don’t ever make your husband take sides. Don’t force him to choose between you and her; it will only strain the relations between you and him.

She is bound to feel neglected after all the attention is on the new bride of the house. Worst, her son, her own son is now supposedly charmed by you.

First things first ladies, you got to accept that she has brought him up and she does have a right over him too. Just like you are fond of your Mom and a princess of your Dad, well he too is the Prince of his house.

After bride or groom it is also important for all the mother's to look beautiful on her son/daughter wedding. Here, shaadi magic suggests some beautiful sarees for beautiful mother's.