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The 7 minute "Get Off Your Butt' Workout.

Workout Posters We Love: In a perfect world, we'd all leap out of bed every morning superexcited to slip on our sports bra and sneaks to head out for a life-changing workout, but let's face it — some days we're less than motivated.

Walking or running legs sport shoes

Exercises that you can do to help make running easier. Doing these will strengthen the muscles specific to running, and help make each run a little easier. There was a study done in and they found that doing squats 3 times per week improved &

A Runner's Guide to Injury Prevention: This is especially useful for anyone starting out on a running plan! | via @SparkPeople #fitness #exercise #workout #train #run

5 Reasons I've Never Had a Running Injury. I totally agree. I dont run more than 3 times a week. At days when my legs can take tt long dist i wld just do a shorter km