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I just found these beautiful Hindu God Lord Vishnu silkscreen prints created by Poonam Mistry, Her style incorporates her love of pattern, worldwide culture and nature with a modern twist. Being brought up surrounded by Indian culture, fabrics, Indian artwork and ornaments have heavily influenced my work. Also folklore tales and stories of Hindu Gods and Goddesses have been a rich source of inspiration in a number of my illustrations.


Hindu Gods and Goddesses - Poonam Mistry

Rama is the seventh avatar of the God Vishnu in Hinduism, and a king of Ayodhya in Hindu scriptures. Along with Krishna, the eighth avatar of Vishnu, Rama is considered to be the most important avatar of Vishnu. He is also one of the most popular gods in Hinduism and is widely worshipped throughout Nepal and India.

HiNDU GOD: Lord Rama

Anime sketch: Lord Shiva and Nandi by on @deviantART

Anime sketch: Lord Shiva and Nandi by nairarun15 on deviantART