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Ok guys so I'm going to do this a little different then usual! This time I want YOU to pick some numbers and answer them so I can get to know you guys better! Answer as many as you want!(: -E

I have never been more bored in my life so please ask me something! You can ask me one of those questions or one you come up with. I will answer all of them. -very, very bored Lily

Best Floral Mehndi Designs with Step by Step Video Tutorial

Best Floral Mehndi Designs - Flowers, roses in particular, leaves, shrubbery and various other floral motifs are surely classical when it comes to henna art.

How to teach children to tell the truth.

How to teach children to tell the truth. We can't expect our children to be honest if we are lying. Set a good example. We can't expect them to want to tell the truth if we scare and offer punishment. Discipline not punishment.