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Get six coins and set them up in a triangular shape, like the top image in the picture. By moving only three of the coins, can you get them to look like the bottom image, in a circular pattern? There are a few simple rules: 1) When a coin is moved, it must be touching two other coins. 2) You can either slide or lift the coins to move them. 3) You MUST do it in three moves. Good Luck! (SOLUTION COMING SOON)

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Another matchstick puzzle. Can you move only two of the matches to make six squares? (SOLUTION COMING SOON)

Find some paper and draw the nine dots that you see in the image. To solve the puzzle, you need to draw four straight lines (without taking your pen or pencil off the paper) which pass through all nine dots. (SOLUTION COMING SOON)

The same 7-letter word is missing from all of the three blank spaces in this sentence. On one occasion, the word is complete, on the other two the word can be split to be read as two different words - without rearranging the letters. Once you figure this one out, you can use it to challenge (or infuriate) your friends!

In the picture there is an arrow on a piece of card and a glass. Without turning the card around or touching it in any way, can you get the arrow to face the other direction? You can move the glass and even introduce something else to help out...

The challenge is to remove the coin from the glass by moving only two matches. The glass must not change shape and you are not allowed to move the coin...