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Air Conditioned Auto Rickshaw in India fitted with a Desi-AC made by latest Jugaad Technology


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shanu ansari

51 Photos That Prove Indians Are The Ultimate Kings Of Jugaad

Interesting Gyan : Jugaad Innovation - The Indian Creativity tool

Anything and everything is possible in our country. People know how to find a solution to the most difficult of situations. And even in the most crucial spell they do not loose temper and stay cool. These funny pictures are a testimony to the diverse colors and true face of India. 1. Traffic Police has…

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Raghav FM, Bihar, India: DIY radio station with thousands of listeners, built on $1.

South Asia | The amazing DIY village FM radio station

JUGAAD TECHNOLOGY: What are the best examples of India's jugaad, used to solve everyday problems? - Quora

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