Impossible Savoury Slice

Impossible Savoury Slice

Corn and chorizo give this zucchini slice a delicious, modern makeover.

Corn and chorizo zucchini slice

“This recipe is a fun take on the classic prawn cocktail. I’ve given the usual Marie Rose sauce a green twist by using avocado instead of cream or mayonnaise, making it both dairy and egg free. This is one of my summertime faves and is perfect as a shared appetiser or placed in the middle of the table on Christmas Day.” Georgia Barnes

Prawn cocktail platter with green seafood sauce

Creamy Egg Salad Recipe- Recipes I love this egg salad's versatility - serve it on a nest of mixed greens, tucked into a sandwich or with your favorite crisp crackers.

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Avocado Bru

Avocado Bruschetta: Cream avocado and savory tomato come together in a new version of this classic appetizer