comfort food

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two scoops of ice cream in a glass bowl on a black plate with spoons
a hand holding up a chocolate ice cream cone
chocolate ice cream
a hand holding an ice cream cone with chocolate frosting on top and a gold tag hanging from it
a white bowl filled with dumplings next to a glass of beer on top of a wooden table
a box filled with lots of different flavored donuts
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a piece of cake with chocolate frosting on top and a bowl of ice cream
the sandwich is cut in half and ready to be eaten on the wrapper at the fast food restaurant
a box filled with food sitting on top of a table
a metal pan filled with macaroni and cheese next to a wooden spoon on top of aluminum foil
an open box filled with sliced onions on top of a table
a ladle filled with food on top of a stove
three pizzas and other food items on a table