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Black Circular Terracotta Lamp with Warli Painting

Terracotta Fine Pottery - 8000 BC pottery practice mixed with 3000 BC Warli painting designed lamp shade.


A very charming and ethinic black and white earthen miniatures set of 2 in terracotta in unique shapes with handpainting of working men on the pots with black paint. -


ExclusiveLane Terracotta Handpainted Warli Vase Matki Yellow 6 Inch - Vase by ExclusiveLane for Beeja

This pot is made of terracotta, brought to you from Uttar Pradesh and decorated with the Warli art, native to the tribals of Maharashtra. It is handpainted with acrylic colours in black and gold. The minimal design on this pot will give a classy appeal to your room.

Terracotta "Warli" Handpainted Natural White Pots Natural (Set Of 3):-A very charming and ethnic off white and gold earthen miniatures set of 3 in terracotta in unique shapes with hand painting of working men on the pots with red and black paint. The red and gold border on the top makes the set look very beautiful when decorated tastefully. You can put these on a shelf or on your side table.

Warli art on Terracotta flower vase. Can be used for dry floral arrangement or just as a decorative item.