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Bad Knees? Try This 10-Minute Low-Impact Workout ‹ Hello Healthy

The Beach Low Impact Workout is part of "Fit as a Pro: Full Body Workouts" The ultimate FIVE 0 equipment full workouts designed by a.

The Most Effective 10-Minute Warm-up for Any Workout

If your usual warm-up is five minutes at an easy pace on a cardio machine, a slower-paced jog or walk before you start a run or fitness walk, or—worse—nothing at all, stop doing all of these.

Stability Ball Ab Workout Lose Belly Fat & Get A Flat Stomach - YouTube

Sit on a well-inflated exercise ball. For information on what diameter ball to use, read "Ball Size Matters." Place your hands behind your head, and walk your feet away from the ball so your torso starts to roll onto the ball. The ball should