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When you get tired or discouraged, just keep going. Just keep moving. Don’t allow doubt, anger, anxiety or panic to take over. You can control it. You are the boss. You are in control, keep going.


When You Get Tired, Keep Going - News - Bubblews

Starting next Wednesday, I will have to work tirelessly on a project so I will have to limit my daily interaction on Bubblews. I think I may try to do an hour in the morning and an hour in the evening (when I am not exhausted). Usually, I take a break from Bubblews or just pop in and out when I can (during busy off line life times) but I am going to try to make a conscious effort to give myself focused and limited bubble time, especially in the mornings....


A Tight 2 Weeks Coming Up! - News - Bubblews

Please be careful and stay alert. This season definitely brings out the best and the worst in people. As some are looking forward to quality time with friends and families, others are looking for opportunities to steal, rob and cheat.

Beware: New Holiday Scams!

Life is full of all kinds of quirks period. It’s unavoidable but that doesn’t give anyone a license to judge, to be rude, cut off talk or conversation, or anything else….

No License to Judge!

I was just talking to my son last night about the need to set your own goals and priorities. At 19, he is already seeing how so many people chase someone else’s vision for what they want out of life. He wants to be successful but not for others, for himself. He is concerned with also being a good example because he thinks that regular, everyday kids don’t get to see success (up close and personal).

Who Gets to Define Success, the Extraordinary?

Now, researchers have also confirmed some of my long-time assertions that some social networking sites, such as Facebook are and can also become addictive. Many people seem to have a need for checking their Facebook page, timeline or status several times a day. People also use the site to create a best-self image. I’ve also had several conversations with people who find that Facebook tends to make them depressed....

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I do believe that we are attracted to certain people, places, ideas, things, etc.... and it happen for a reason. I believe we resonate with those things. Those are the things we love and sometimes, we may be gravitating to things that we fear. Either way, it holds a place, deep within us.....

Gravitating toward....

It seems that people have really gotten creative and are making the instant noodles with eggs, with burgers, in stir-fried meals, on tacos, on pizzas, in lasagne, on salads, in potato and regular pancake recipes, and even dunked and covered in chocolate. (Not too sure about the last one....) I had no idea that people were putting this inexpensive college staple to work in so many ways. I have never tried these noodles in any of these ways. Have you....


Ramen Noodle Fever: Instant Gourmet on the Cheap! - Bubblews

Now, I also believe that you can get stuck in them. I know many people who are constantly buying these materials and they do not seem to improve, feel better or make notable improvements in their lives. Some of the people I know may even be worse. I have started to send a few of them more inspirational and/or action-oriented (motivational) materials that require them to do something (because there is a big difference between self-help, inspiration and motivation)...

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There comes a frenetic and eagerly anticipated new beginning. We feel it too as the cool air gets a little crisper. Things feel a little fre...

Beginning Again in Fall - Bubblews