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Bubblews: Write and Create Online (EXTREMELY SLOW PAYER)

Great Paid for your Blogs Online! Great social networking for all kinds of creative creatures (writers, poets, photographers, etc....) NO LONGER RECOMMENDED AS A PAYING WRITING SITE
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With a spanking new paying social blogging platform, it is time to change the way that I post and interact on this awesome site! We welcome all newbies who want to get paid for social blogging and nteworking....


It May Be Time for a Redesign - Bubblews

One thing I miss in the new format of +Bubblews versus the old (and this is purely a personal insight). I miss having the last 5 posts liste...

One Thing I Miss - Bubblews

For me, when I post something, it usually means something. So, I really appreciate and comment back to those who took the time and energy to comment to me. When I comment on others' posts, it's because I'm interested in the poster and their post. I also have a group of folks that are naturally gravitate to......often. "When time is limited, priorities have to be made." Beaufly

When Time is Limited, Priorities have to be Made

.I hope this is not a signal of what’s to come. I have been trying to get back in the full swing of things, but still feel a little off-kilter. How about you? I will be spending time, catching up with all of you, little by little as time allows. I know I’ve missed some crazy and exciting happenings around here. Definitely send me a heads-up of anything that is a “MUST-KNOW!” Can’t wait to catch up! Throw me a few bones and hints because as most of you know I have a TON of....

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Now, don't overestimate the cheater. He's only looking for posts that are doing well and wants to copy them quickly. My advice to you, "Find the rogue and report him immediately." Now, on the old site, we didn't have the nifty, "mention" tab that lists all of the people who mentioned us so many members used this process to find "mentions." I also used it to find anywhere my name was used on the site. One thing I do is ......

Don't Overestimate the Cheater! - Bubblews

The Pros (the Good) of having a featured post are pretty obvious. You will (more than likely) get more views, likes, comments and a slew of new connections which increases your exposure and possibly your earnings. All of these things are good, right., especially in the short term. Ahem….keep reading... The Cons (or the Bad) of having a featured post is that you become a prime candidate for plagiarists....

What Happens When.... You're Featured! - Bubblews

For some people, Bubblews is life. For some people, Bubblews is helping them to make ends meet. For some people, Bubblews has helped them ...

Social Networking 3.0: Why Bubblews Matters - Bubblews

Real and Solid Tips...... 1) People notice you because you actually read the post. Please note that bubblers can tell when you don’t read as well because your comments look generic and have nothing to do with the post (hence: nice post, visit me, remember me, I’m commenting on your post---no shittocks, Sherlock). 2) You add something of value to the discussion or the post. I love creating spaces for dialogue, sharing my thoughts and hearing the thoughts and perspectives of others.

Bubblews Newbie Tip (1): What Happens When.... - Bubblews

You have to interact, read others' bubbles, leave comments that make sense (that show you took some time to read it) and you have to create things that are original, that are interesting, that are unique, that give us a glimpse of who you are, of your life, of your world. If you come ONLY trying to get, get, get, you lose; you miss out on the essence of Bubblews

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Connections and interacting with those connections are key. The first step is to acquire quality connections. Quality connections are those people that you are interested in and are interested in you. What NOT to do if you want quality connections on this site: 1) Do not write on anyone's profile. "Connected, connect back please." This comment will often get ignored and is against +Bubblews terms of service..Please read them.

Bubblews Success 1-Connections - Bubblews