As usual, I am committed to sharing the good news. This morning while watching the news, there was a mother/teacher who found about $11,000 in cold hard cash. She didn’t think twice and returned the money to the nearest police station, where they were, of course, shocked, that she was returning an unmarked (probably untraceable) stack of money. The money’s owner was actually a senior citizen who had put the money stack on top of the roof of his car and left it there.

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Rest in Peace Robin Williams! We feel sad that he was in so much pain that he thought the only answer was to end it all. We feel sad and sorry for the pain, that he felt that there was no other way to escape it. We feel sad and sorry for us. The world is a little less funny and sweet today because you are gone. We feel sorry for your family and for those close to you whom you have left behind. We feel sorry because you were such an incredible talent...

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Many people wonder why people, who are abused stay and the answers are often complicated. Their ties are usually very strong and It is never a quick fix. As hard as it is to believe, many people love their abusers. All I can say is never judge anyone and one never knows what a person is going through unless you can walk a mile or two in their shoes.... Domestic violence knows no bounds. It affects all races, classes, races and ethnicities. #rayrice #janayrice #domesticviolence

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I know many of you have already heard about the horrific +Fire-challenge that was sweeping across Facebook where teens were dousing themselves with accelerants (like nail polish remover) and setting themselves on fire. I meant to put up a post about this a couple of days ago when I learned a young man burned to death after being engulfed in flames. I guess some of these young people found it funny to see someone on fire....

Yes, yes, yes, it’s official. I became a Special Voter Registration Deputy today which means that I can register people to vote up until 20 days before any election. How cool is that? I usually work as an Election Official and bug all of my friends and family to make sure that they vote but now, I will be able to actual register folks on my own. Isn’t that cool?

Heavy hearts continue to ponder and ask why Robin Williams took his own life. Much attention has been given to his long-standing battles with addiction, alcoholism and anxiety. Today, in a very revealing note, Robin Williams widow, Susan Schneider spoke out and wrote that, “Robin’s sobriety was intact and he was brave as he struggled with his own battles... as well as early stages of Parkinson’s Disease, which he was not ready to share publicly."

Captain Johnson continues to impress us with his +Humility and common sense way that he is respecting and negotiating the chaotic and unendi...

The above-mentioned ratings were based on how well there was a close housing distribution between African-Americans and Caucasians. It was also based on areas that were experiencing population growth (in the year 2010). I wanted to offer a snapshot of areas that may not be perfect but at least are experiencing populations that show that blacks and whites can (in some parts of the county) live together.

Damon decided to use toilet water from around his home to complete his challenge, which he deemed as fresher and cleaner than many people have access to in developing countries. At last count Damon's video has garnered over 1 million views to raise awareness for both organizations. How awesome is that?

The Study design is separated into two groups which will include an exercising set and non-exercising set. Both groups will be closely monitored. If you qualify and can spend the required time at the research facility, then you will paid 18K for your time and participation.

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