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Bill and Ben the flowerpot men The pioneers of children's television in Britain were Frida Lingstrom and Maria Bird at the BBC who developed the 'Watch with Mother' slot and invented the characters Andy Pandy, Bill and Ben and the Woodentops amongst others.

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Spirograph: Vintage 1960s Toy Complete Set

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Vintage 1960s Viewmaster Toy with Reels

Vintage 1960s Viewmaster Toy with Reels by YouandIvintage on Etsy, $12.00

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Back cover end paper from 'Watch with Mother' a book from the early 1960s filled with BBC children's programme characters.

Arnold Stang, voice of Top Cat, dies aged 91

Tiny Tears doll (1960s). Tiny was manufactured by the 'American Character Doll Company' and was introduced in 1950.

Vintage Fuzzy Felt Circus 1960

Vintage Fuzzy Felt Circus - hehehe, when I was a child I used to love leaving this on the chair so it stuck to the back of mums skirt!