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a rock covered in lichen and moss
How to Dye With Lichen Moss |
Lichen dyes date back to the 16th century, according to the Web site, Elizabethan Era. These mossy, rock-dwelling plants were a cheap source of green dye for both rich and poor, enabling everyone to have colorful clothes.
trees in the woods with moss growing on them and one bear walking through the forest
Lichen and Moss on Trees and Shrubs | Hunker
In old, overgrown landscapes, mosses and lichens are a common sight on trunks and branches of trees and shrubs. In sunny areas, algae and fungus combine to produce lichens. The fungus creates a protective structure for the algae, which produces food through photosynthesis. Mosses are plants which...
moss growing on rocks covered in lichens and other green plants with white flowers
Close landscapes, East
Lichens and moss on rocks - photo Stephen Sharnoff
a close up view of some moss growing on the side of a rock with holes in it
I’m Lichen It A Lot!
I’m Lichen It A Lot! | Little Bang Theory
a tree branch with green and yellow moss growing on it
Groot Dooiermos - Xanthoria parietina
a close up of a tree trunk with white and gray lichens on it
Lichens of North America
a group of mushrooms growing on the side of a tree in front of some plants
Lichen (Dictyonema sp)
an animal cell is shown in this image
Fungus network 'plays role in plant communication'
This has always amazed me. Plants "communicate" mycorrhizae, the underground a fungal network that connects all plants.
moss growing on rocks in the grass
Lichen at Höga Kusten
Lichen covered beach boulders in an area of Sweden called Höga Kusten
an illustration of sea plants and corals from the book marine life in west africa
Botanical - Educational charts and plates 2
Botanical - Flora im Winterkleide 1908 - Flecten Lichen