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Simple hallway is looking neat and clean. White shoe rack is making area bigger. Mirror on the wall is giving open feeling. Flowers are giving fresh feeling. Lights are making area bright we can see Rectangle shape on the shoe rack.

I chose this image because the hallway area is utilized to function as a group massing wall where you can display your family portraits and photos along with other art work. The decorative mirror on the other wall creates balance. The chandelier and dark hardwood create a luxurious effect. The space is perfectly filled in. Neutral colors have a soothing affect.

This is perfect especially when your going to have a family which i hope to have one day

I chose this image because of the bright pop of green at the end of the hallway. The bright color draws the eye towards the end of the hallway and creates a focal point. The coat hooks on the wall provides quick storage and is appropriate for both children and adults