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surfer bedroom - Pesquisa Google                                                                                                                                                     More
Client: You're too expensive! Me: If you pay peanuts, you get monkeys Client: I'll go with the cheap company Me: Have fun Slightly smiling face
Visualizing The Size And Scale Of Our World  via all that is interesting #Infographic #Solar_System

For My Sister

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two rocks with the words dad you rock written on them in front of a gold frame
Homemade New Dad Gifts: Handmade to show your special love!
father's day card made out of an old pair of scissors with the words you're the best dad i ever saw
Father's Day Saw Craft | Father's day diy, Fathers day crafts, Diy father's day gifts
a birthday card with the number one on it
This is how the balloon thumbprint art looks before thumbprints are added.
DIY Handmade Craft P8: Craft Your Way to Happiness! 🌻
Find happiness through crafting with DIY Handmade Craft P8. Create beautiful crafts that bring joy to your life. 🎈