Diwali decoration items

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two yellow necklaces with an image of ganeshi on the front and side
Ganpati wall hangings
an image of ganeshi hanging on the wall with beads and chains around it
door hangings
pair of red, white and blue earrings hanging on wall next to person's hand
two pairs of yellow earrings with beads and tassels on white background, side by side
two white flowers and tassels are hanging on a wooden table with other decorations
Diwali decoration
some very pretty hats that are hanging on a wall with beads and flowers in them
two decorative wall hangings with pink flowers and pearls on the ends, decorated in gold
Wall Hangings - Laxmi Singla
a wall hanging made out of glass beads and other things on it's side
door/side hangings
an envelope decorated with crystal beads and ribbon tied to it's side on the floor
Best use of old wedding cards ideas, shagun envelope's decoration, envelope's decoration ideas.
two silver dishes sitting next to each other on a blue tablecloth with the numbers 66
Tlights for diwali decore