Creationism or Darwinism?: | Edgar Cayce also said that the five races of man were spontaneously created 130 million years ago. One of our ancestors was around when Rajasaurus Narmadensis was roaming around the Narmada river!

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The River Mother: | Don't know why the Narmada river occupies such a fond place in my heart. Whenever I think of Her, I am off into some other world. Even the mighty Ganges leaves me cold. But mention the word Narmada and a frisson of joy courses through me, like that mighty river.

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Quiet flows the River Mother: At Garudeshwar, a pilgrim point on the bank of the river Narmada, near Bharuch and Vadodara.

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The Narmada is closely associated with Lord Shiva. Naturally formed smooth stones called banas, made of cryptocrystalline quartz, are found in Narmada which are known as Shivalingas; the rare and unique markings on them are regarded by shaivaites as very auspicious. The Brihadeeswara Temple in Thanjavur has one of the biggest Bana Shivalingas.

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Uncle Acharya and the River Mother: | I pinged him about the River Ma (Narmada) and he said that he (too) loved the beautiful river. He worked out there and built bridges on It!

Lovers of the River Mother: | Rakhal: How can I describe the state of my mind? This noon I felt a yearning to go to Narmada and practice austerity.

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