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Narayanpet Sarees

It is said that when the Maratha king, Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj travelled to the Narayanpet region, a town in Mahbubnagar district of Telangana, he camped there for a while and when he continued on his journey, a few weavers stayed behind. These were the weavers who weaved saris with a distinct style of design which came to be known as Narayanpet Silk sarees.
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Olive Green And Ink Blue Traditional Border Pure Narayanpet Silk Saree


Fiery Red And Luscious Yellow Traditional Border Pure #NarayanpetSilkSaree


Sahana Auspicious Colors Stripe Borer Pure #NarayanpetSilkSaree

Darshana Inked In Purple Stripe Gold Border Pure #NarayanpetSilkSaree

Rupal Auspicious Colors Solid Gold Border Pure #NarayanpetSilkSaree

Ditya Rising Sun Stripe Border Pure #NarayanpetSilkSaree

Drishti Sea Blue And Blue Stripe Border Pure #NarayanpetSilkSaree

Adriti Rising Sun Bold Solid Gold Border Pure #NarayanpetSilkSaree

Aahuti Blue And Blue Solid Gold Border Pure #NarayanpetSilkSaree