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the instructions for how to make diy gift envelopes using scrapbook paper circles
Paper Gift Envelope Made with Scrapbook Paper Circles
Need an envelope for a gift card or small item? Make an easy gift envelope using scrapbook paper circles to add a special handmade touch to your gift.
an open photo album with balloons and ribbons
TK Scrapbook
Álbum de fotos em scrapbook (visão geral das páginas internas coloridas sem estampa)
the inside pages of an accordion book are folded in half and stacked on top of each other
4x4 Project Life: April and May
Me encanta esta idea.
an open notebook with the words be august written in cursive writing on it
Kawaii Pen Shop
Absolutely gorgeous floral bullet journal cover by ig@tekaplans.
a calendar with the word may written on it next to a pink flowered branch
Lightshot — screenshot tool for Mac & Win