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Aijung Kim: How to Make a Collagraph

How to Make a Collagraph

I want to post more info about different printmaking techniques. it's a shame that printmaking is so undervalued as an art form because not that many people understand what it is. it has gotten to be a "secret art" unless you have studied it. These photos don't quite show the entire process, but i will post more at a later time. How I made "Flower Girl": This print is a collagraph, which is basically a collaged printmaking plate. You can use any materials you want, provided they are fairly…

Seed-Heads.web artist Carol Nunan

News from the Studio — Carol Nunan Printmaker

COLLAGRAPHS, is one of the print media with which I work consistently. This is collagraphs according to Carol Nunan, i.e. Me!

Monoprint. Liz Ruest

'In the Round' (2013) incorporating monoprints

'In the Round' (2013) incorporating monoprints

c.sarah ross thompson. collograph. Collagraphy is a hand pulled printmaking technique. It is an original work of are, not a reproduction print.

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