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Hometalk :: From Door To Built In Cabinet Transformation

From Door To Built In Cabinet Transformation

We recently made a big change to the back of our home with the addition of a screened in porch and deck. When we decided to move forward with the project we had the opportunity to make a few changes to the interior as well. One of the most exciting changes was when we made the decision to remove the existing exterior door and replace it with built in cabinets. One on the inside of our home and one on our new enclosed porch. Here is what the door looked like before. And now for the af…

love the planked backboard of the bookcases

The Blank Wall

Since we moved into our house I find myself sitting in a room kind of like Meg Ryan in, You've Got Mail. This is the part in the movie she's evaluating her life and getting a new perspective sitting on the floor. Sometimes its good to get a new perspective by sitting in the room and visualize what you are going to do with your space and how you want it to feel. We decided early on that our living room was a perfect space for a library. I mean c'mone what are you going to do with a long blank…

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Woodworking Patterns

Woodworking is a job that requires skills and precision. Without this, there is always a chance that your work will get spoil or will not be as good as you had desired. One thing that is very helpful in woodworking is preplanning your