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12 Cranial Nerves
ST 40 – my all time favourite acupuncture point! I want to needle ST 40 on everyone! Best point for phlegm (visible and invisible). Great for large of amount of phlegm, asthma, cysts, atherosclerosis, cystic acne, obesity, anxiety, dizziness, depression, panic attack, and manic behaviour. Did I mention? I LOVE ST 40!
Zhao Hai – K-06 | Active Health Foundation
Know Your Toes
Massage your calf to relieve back pain! Learn about four potent acupoints that you can easily locate and use to relieve back here to read more
Stomach 36
Foods for the Liver | Traditional Chinese Medicine
Yin deficiency (xu) in TCM
Horary Acupoints
TCM Zang fu organs