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In girl perspective, most of the girls are into this theme.. which give a perfect vibe for a young girl. We could say that the carpet is way to dull and we can make a difference but adding a colourful carpet of a eye catching vibe.

Mountain view that gives you a taste of the western culture enormous room with a balcony that provides the perfect view with fresh air and cool windy air where theres no need for air conditioning as its in the mountain hills. Although the lightings are dim the sunlight would enlighten the entire place.

The most exclusive bedroom in 21st centuries. its more of a chair bedroom and its give such a different kind of perspective and comfortness. Such more, the colour of mixture is a wonderfully surrounded to blend.

Modern day teenage room with the atmosphere of a light themed coloured walls and furniture. Room has a bright feel to it as the reflection of the sunlight rays shine`s the room although we could add more of a study table and a nightlamp at the window for night burning oil.

Bedroom of ocean view,warmth and romantic get-away. indulging the colour blend within the room and warmth for the perfect get away from the city which is certainly homefelt. Since its a basic coloured theme, we could add a touch of greenery to it to make it more eco friendly.

Comfort and efficiency for the perfect goodnight sleep or rest. Lighting of the room that makes it out standing with a view thats mesmerizing I could change the three frames into hand made historical posters that means something to me under the impression of the wonderful work of art.

The most simple bedroom that will be found at hotels or apartment. simple lighting lamp at the corner. and a cupboard that matches the enviroment.

The most delighting bedroom of al.. space and comfort to a beautiful sleep. Never could make a discomfort. THE MOST BEAUTIFUL LIGHTING TO THE ROOM. Never much more comforting...