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I Cheated On My Fears. . Broke Up With My Doubts. . I Got Engaged To My Faith. . Now... I'm Marrying My Dreams. . Soon I Will Be Holding Hands With Destiny
Shikha Jaiswal
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motherofhermes:  You have poured out so much grace for me, given me so many gifts,I look everywhere for Your love, and suddenly I am filled with it.Poet RabiaImage: Krishna Radha by Raghuvir Shah

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*મુલાકાત ની જરૂર કયા હોય છે મહેન્દ્ર l* *બસ રોજ સવાર સવારમાં તમારો msg આવી જાય તો બોવ છે.

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ツ Dear PMO India, we humbly request you to BAN cow slaughter in India --Lord Krishna will bless you and Bharat ツ

Krishna on Blue

Today I just listen this beautiful melody and it just encourage me to write this post as somehow I feel somehow, somewhere in any corner of our soul, we feel same. So I thought, I should share this…