This dosa recipe is a hand-me-down from the Dosa master, himself. It results in the softest dosas that melt in your mouth dosa, also called, set dosa.

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When I visited cookbook author and blogger Mallika Basu at her home in London last year, I found her ready and waiting to whip up a batch of pudla, chickpea crepes with cilantro, green chili, and ginger — a quick and easy breakfast staple she makes frequently for her family. I loved how light yet satisfying these gluten-free, vegan pancakes were, soft in the middle, and with a crisp edge. I asked her for the recipe and tried a batch in my own kitchen, and here are they are for you today.

Instant Oats Idli is a healthy breakfast dish with oats, semolina, carrot, yogurt and spices. Nutritious and tasty recipe using oats.

Here's Author of the WeekFarrukh Aziz Ansari and we love her experiments in cooking. Here is her featured recipe -Moong Dal Palak Cheela Recipe (Yellow Lentil and Spinach Crepes)-a healthy breakfast which should be high in proteins essential vitamins and minerals to keep you going whole day. --> #Vegetarian #Recipes

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