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Overwatch - Pharah Artwork This is probably the most realistic interpretation of an Overwatch character I've seen so far

Cyberpunk Rpg, Futurama, Shadowrun, Swords, Sci Fi, Weapons, Concept Art

ArtStation - Weapons_Sketches, Evan Lee

Just some of my recent ideas of weapon.

Jensen : Here's a piece done for Nvidia. The idea was to use the Nvidia swoop as part of the design language, so you see it throughout the character. The overall design was provided, and the more intricate details and functionality we


rhubarbes: ArtStation - Nvidia Soldier, by Mike JensenMore robots here.

Shinkawa Heavy Industries APS model 108 | IgnusDei on Patreon

The Winter Market - exoskeleton reference Shinkawa Model 108 Augmented Performance Suit by ~IgnusDei on deviantART