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This is the start of the Anthony Browne reading board, again I scanned the image and then projected it onto the white board, I then chose the colours and blue tacked them to the white board tracing around the elements that were in that colour. After cutting all the elements out I stuck them onto backing card to preserve it for future use,cut out again as a whole image then blutacked it to the display board, a football will follow....already the boys are excited by the display because he's a…

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WW1 display, I used a potato cut in half to print the poppy and then a finger print of black to make the centre. I then looped galvanised wire over, securing with crossed staples to represent the barbed wire.

Our Poet Tree for the reading area in the classroom. Hoping the children will add their poems to the leaves.

Lost in the AFRICAN bush I photocopied the same leaf shape on 3 shades of green, then I cut one leaf in half and glued it onto a leaf of a different shade. Then I creased the leaf to give it a 3D shape.